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Supporting PeopleStories Foundation

Last Saturday, Pseudoscops attended the charity dinner organised by PeopleStories Foundation to raise fund and creating awareness for the students in Cambodia to keep them in school. Pseudoscops is glad to attend and to do our part as a good corporate in support of our...

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Introduction to Video Analytics

This is one of the sharing that we are conducting for the students of ITE West. To give them a very brief & quick peek in what's video analytic. In appreciation for our effort, we got hold of this cookbook and some gifts. Thank you...

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Printed Media Tracking

It's hard to track the source of 1st impression of consumer shall the advertising campaign runs on traditional printed media. Comparing this to online advertising, tracking online activities are much easier.   Printed media is not going away anytime soon and it is important that we can...

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Pseudoscops Strategy

What's the strategy of Pseudoscops? Catch this short video to know more about us. For more video from Pseudoscops, visit Pseudoscops Video. [embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kel0V3Dzio8[/embedyt]...

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First Zoliao usage

Zoliao performed it's first usage on 25 August 2018 with Travel Wander, taking attendance of participants as well as accumulating points for each activity that they attended. Further to engaging current customer, Zoliao can also be use to provide information broadcast to prospective customer. Most...

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Value of Pseudoscops

TIPPING, apart from the commonly known Tipping Point, this is the value of Pseudoscops. Watch the video to know what does TIPPING stands for and how it is relevant to us. For more video from Pseudoscops, visit Pseudoscops Video. [embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=upRHv3UM95U[/embedyt]...

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