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KL Business Exploration

I made our first business exploration trip to Kuala Lumpur on 25 July 2018. While some of the meeting never really went through, I managed to catch up with a friend who we have not gotten the time to meet up. While catching up with...

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First Business Trip

  Today marked the first business traveling for Pseudoscops and we selected Jakarta to be our first stop. The most important reason being the support that our partners are giving us here. While there are no near term potentials at the moment, we are hopeful and positively...

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Counting down to LAUNCH

As we continue marketing and meeting up people to present Zo Liao, we are moving into final stage of development and testing. Soon, we will Zo Liao and make this available in Google Play for download early July 2018 where download from Apple App Store...

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Does GDPR really create panic?

https://techcrunch.com/2018/06/07/gdpr-panic-may-spur-data-and-ai-innovation/ We might not have GDPR over here in Singapore but we do have our own PDPA to regulate personal data. Instead of answering for the need to collect information, enabling the mean to delete and remove individual specific information, why not just don't collect it right...

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Get the right mindset

https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/314066 Simple tips is all it takes to provide that clarity and enable one to start creating their own journey. Besides having a great business partner, it's important to have the correct mindset before the other stuff falls in line....

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Keep it Simply Simple

Pseudoscops understood that the way to tackle complex problem is not to add more complexity onto it. Instead, just Keep It Simply Simple! Pseudoscops aims to solve complex problems using technology in a simple manner, together with understanding of processes and its interaction with human. Giving...

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