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Keep it Simply Simple

Pseudoscops understood that the way to tackle complex problem is not to add more complexity onto it. Instead, just Keep It Simply Simple! Pseudoscops aims to solve complex problems using technology in a simple manner, together with understanding of processes and its interaction with human. Giving...

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Are your data really necessary?

https://www.lifehacker.com.au/2018/05/how-to-download-your-data-with-all-the-fancy-new-gdpr-tools/ One of those favour questions now with regard to GDPR is how to download those data that companies collected and delete them. Fundamental consideration should instead be whether are those information necessary right from the start. Does consumer have a choice on their own personal data? Can marketing...

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Orientation Walk-Through

We had our orientation walk-through at Technopreneur Circle this morning. We are very lucky to get accepted into this co-working space and this will be the space where we are launching Pseudoscops. Looking forward to starting our work here in June 2018. If you are...

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I cannot claim to be a super fan but I am a fan of MayDay and I am going to their concert in Singapore on 2 June 2018. I like them as many of their songs are very positive and encouraging, take for example this...

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Zo Liao – Privacy First

What's the big topic surrounding customer engagement in EU now? My guess is GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation, which is similar to PDPA. https://hbr.org/2018/05/how-gdpr-will-transform-digital-marketing The most important consideration is that do retailers need so much of customer's information before they can engage them? The answer is...

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Co-Working Space

We have gotten approval to gain access to a co-working space last Friday! This gives us the place that we can focus on our work as well as potentially network with other likeminded people. Potentially collaborations could be forged there as well, there are possibilities. If...

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Tech In Asia 2018

We were walking around to look for potential collaborations and seeking out potential competitive products in Tech In Asia 2018. It wasn't a huge even like ISC or CES but it does provide a platform for startup and SME to interact and exchange ideas. What attract...

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