Pseudoscops / PseudoscopsSG

Partnership Agreement

Today marks a new milestone for #PseudoscopsSG as we sealed our formal working relationship with #FTConsulting. We are embarking on various collaborations and initiatives that will bring values and benefits to our customers. ...

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1st Anniversary

It took courage and believes for people to get together and make a dent. Apple sounds funny then but it disrupts multiple industries. Iron Man sounds "uncatchy" then but it leads to the world phenomenon that we are having today. It is not without bumps that...

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Leaping into 2019!

2018 is concluding and do join Pseudoscops to leap into 2019, with confidence! We will engage more businesses to partner them in their digitalisation journey, "tailoring" solutions to their business.We will work towards getting Narrator - Human Descriptor online and deploying to our first law...

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