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First Zoliao usage

Zoliao performed it's first usage on 25 August 2018 with Travel Wander, taking attendance of participants as well as accumulating points for each activity that they attended. Further to engaging current customer, Zoliao can also be use to provide information broadcast to prospective customer. Most...

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Counting down to LAUNCH

As we continue marketing and meeting up people to present Zo Liao, we are moving into final stage of development and testing. Soon, we will Zo Liao and make this available in Google Play for download early July 2018 where download from Apple App Store...

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Are your data really necessary?

https://www.lifehacker.com.au/2018/05/how-to-download-your-data-with-all-the-fancy-new-gdpr-tools/ One of those favour questions now with regard to GDPR is how to download those data that companies collected and delete them. Fundamental consideration should instead be whether are those information necessary right from the start. Does consumer have a choice on their own personal data? Can marketing...

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Zo Liao – Privacy First

What's the big topic surrounding customer engagement in EU now? My guess is GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation, which is similar to PDPA. https://hbr.org/2018/05/how-gdpr-will-transform-digital-marketing The most important consideration is that do retailers need so much of customer's information before they can engage them? The answer is...

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Zo Liao

So the product name is called "Zo Liao!", in Mandarin, it’s 做了!However, the twist is that the proper pronounciation is in dialect! What’s “Zo Liao” exactly and what it does? Well, we decided to keep most of it under wrap and revealing some to let you...

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First Product

Everything starts with first, First KISS, First Avenger, etc. By the way, KISS here means Keep It Simply Simple, not the romantic kind that you might be thinking about. Our First KISS came across when developing solution for a theme park, they need something simple...

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