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PreSchooler Educational Software

Have you ever faced a challenge in explaining to your kids what you are doing at work? Can you explain to them what is Google, YouTube, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint?

The purpose of this development is to enable the client to deliver their curriculum using a child-friendly equivalent of those applications. Enabling the kids to understand what are those and navigate around in a safe & structured environment. We successfully delivered the working prototype to the client and received positive feedback from the client and parents of the kids who have been exposed to the application.

You can find out more from Canberra PreSchool.


Compensation & Benefit Software

The client devises a unique way to compute the compensation and benefits package for a newly hired joining an MNC. Based on the country, role, guaranteed pay, variable pay, benefits, equality, and others to compute a package that pegs the offering to the similar tier across the entire organisation. Using this tool, the hiring manager can easily work out the offers and generate a Letter of Offer with a comprehensive illustration of everything this package entails, what’s inclusive and what’s not.

The platform also offers the organisation a means to gain an overview of the overall hiring statistics and comparing the offering to other international hiring grades.


Hardware Re-Purpose

We are not a traditional Software Development house, we can also integrate and re-purpose hardware for a specific usage needed by the customer.

In one situation, our customer required us to re-purpose a NETS terminal to enable scanning of QR Code and send the identification over to their backend system. We fabricate a new aluminium base to house the terminal, UPS, utility device, 2D Scanner and a Surface Pro. After a successful prototype run, we enhanced the internal stand and making that a permanent fixture for the customer

In another situation, the customer wants to have a multi-sensory device for environmental monitoring purpose. The challenge is that the customer needs the information to be sent directly to his cloud service instead of routing through the cloud service of the device manufacturer. We bought a microcontroller board with the respective sensors, send the data to a dashboard and creating alerts shall any of the perimeters fall out of range.


Warehouse Management System

One of our customers feels that those off-the-shelve products are lacking in certain features that they need. Leveraging his decades of experience in logistics, he provides us with his requirement and the exact features that he needs to develop a customised platform for him.

The development takes place progressively, enabling him to have the system within a shorter time frame and allowing us time to build the other auxiliary features progressively. In the meantime, we are managing the cloud services for them while fine-tuning the existing features.