Pseudoscops / Narrator

Narrator moves beyond Facial Recognition, and we intend to use various traits produced from different sensors to collect biometric and non-biometric data for enhanced decision making. The key in identifying people is in the discovery and identifying traits presented by an individual and distinguish it from the others.

As we are developing our platform, we made available few essential APIs to enable you to get started. You can utilise them for your facial recognition needs.

API NameFunctionality
Face GalleryCreate a database where enrolled images are being stored
Matcher Performing 1:N match against the Face Gallery
Verifier Performing 1:1 match against submitted images or Face Gallery
Face DetectorDetecting faces in an image, technical specification applies
MRZ/Barcode/QR Code DetectorExtracting of information carried
ANPR Extracting license plate of the vehicle image

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