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We feel that there should not be a line that divides your offline and online presence. Instead, both channels should be seamlessly integrated, enabling you and the customer to buy and browse wherever they like. With this consideration, we developed UnitySuite to enable those who like to sell online an ability to do so, easily.

UnitySuite is still in its infancy stage where we continue to enable more features and enhancing the performance. We are also happy that we managed to onboard a wide range of users, giving us the opportunity to enhance the usage, making it more robust for a wide range of applications.

UnitySuite is suitable for retailers with an offline presence who’s keen to get online, those running home-based businesses that want to sell online, and those selling their products in a group-buy channel. Find out more about UnitySuite by navigating to this URL


ZoLiao Suite

ZoLiao Suite is the very first product suite that’s developed by us back in 2018. This range of product consists of Visitor Management System (ZoVM), QR Attendance System (ZoID), and a Guard Tour and Incident Reporting System (ZoGuard). All of these arise from the thought that we want to streamline the process in how things are being done.

For example, instead of buying a piece of expensive and proprietary hardware for a guard tour, and getting another means to report the incident. We combined both of these together and enabling the use of an Android phone to perform the same functions and more. Saving cost while enhancing the efficiency of getting things done. This is ZoGuard.

Ever feels that checking into an event or seminar can be made faster instead of queuing? For the event organiser, will it be better if you can allow your team to engage with the guest instead of purely taking attendance? ZoLiao aims to tackle this issue by enabling the guest to check-in their attendance by scanning a QR Code and filling in the details themselve.

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