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Bravo Zulu!

The combination of Bravo & Zulu nautical signal flags mean “Well Done” in naval term. In this case, the combination of two companies FT Consulting and Pseudoscops here in #Jakarta also opens up opportunities for both companies. After a long week, this is time to take...

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KL Business Exploration

I made our first business exploration trip to Kuala Lumpur on 25 July 2018. While some of the meeting never really went through, I managed to catch up with a friend who we have not gotten the time to meet up. While catching up with...

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First Business Trip

  Today marked the first business traveling for Pseudoscops and we selected Jakarta to be our first stop. The most important reason being the support that our partners are giving us here. While there are no near term potentials at the moment, we are hopeful and positively...

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