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Deep Fakes

The deep fakes are getting really good that it's becoming harder to see the real from the fakes. It's time to fall back to the basic, to meet the person physically. Try your luck here in differentiating them apart.

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The Strength of Facial Recognition

This is the 2nd part of a series of Articles, Videos and Post on Facial Recognition. In this part, we are sharing on the Strength of Facial Recognition. In the event that you missed the first part, this is the link to the previous post. ...

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Introducing Facial Recognition

Want to know more about facial recognition and have been doing a lot of technical readings and wanting to know what's really happening on the ground? We are starting a series of Articles, Videos and Post on Facial Recognition. This is the first where it...

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Leaping into 2019!

2018 is concluding and do join Pseudoscops to leap into 2019, with confidence! We will engage more businesses to partner them in their digitalisation journey, "tailoring" solutions to their business.We will work towards getting Narrator - Human Descriptor online and deploying to our first law...

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Introduction to Video Analytics

This is one of the sharing that we are conducting for the students of ITE West. To give them a very brief & quick peek in what's video analytic. In appreciation for our effort, we got hold of this cookbook and some gifts. Thank you...

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