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Does GDPR really create panic?

GDPR panic may spur data and AI innovation

We might not have GDPR over here in Singapore but we do have our own PDPA to regulate personal data.

Instead of answering for the need to collect information, enabling the mean to delete and remove individual specific information, why not just don’t collect it right from the start?

Well, it really depends on the type of intended purpose as well as the need to reach out to consumer or customer. If one need just to broadcast information or promotion to consumer, collection of specific information might not be necessary.

Zo Liao is design and developed with Privacy of Consumers right from the start, making things simple for both Consumers and Merchants. Consumer do not need to risk having their personal information exposed by receiving promotions, sales, etc. information. Merchants do not need to collect more than necessary information to reach out to consumers, reducing their risk in the event of data compromised.

You can find out more about Zo Liao from this SlideShare: Consumer’s Privacy comes First

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