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First Business Trip


Today marked the first business traveling for Pseudoscops and we selected Jakarta to be our first stop. The most important reason being the support that our partners are giving us here.

While there are no near term potentials at the moment, we are hopeful and positively looking at demonstrations of what we have for customers here. This itself is something encouraging.

One key observation that I have here is the train services linking airport to town. Since my last trip, which I cannot recall when, I saw the most drastic change. They have Skytrain that connects terminals and airport train that brings people straight to downtown Jakarta. It’s only walking distance to where I am staying for the night.

It’s important not to get complacent on what we have. Once we are complacent and start to get comfortable, that the time that our future will be uncomfortable. Look at the development Jakarta have now and more are changing due to the coming Asian Games 2018 on 18 August 2018.

Pseudoscops shall not get complacent.