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I cannot claim to be a super fan but I am a fan of MayDay and I am going to their concert in Singapore on 2 June 2018. I like them as many of their songs are very positive and encouraging, take for example this song. The direct translation is “Stubborness” and their original MV highlights the importance of keeping our dream alive.

We used to have a dream that almost came true but decided to drop it due to other factors that we cannot control. In Pseudoscops, we want to bring that persistency or stubbornness into what we want to achieve in our company and our products. We believed that we did it once and we can do it again as long as we focus on making it happen and believe that we can.

While there are a lot of uncertainties that we are facing and will be facing, we hope to carry our what we envision Pseudoscops to be. Bringing it as far as we can. If we do not do what we believed in now, regardless of success or failure, we might not have the opportunity again in future.

Thus, we will continued to be inspired by the lyrics and by this song to keep that stubbornness alive, to pursue our dream.