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Tech In Asia 2018

We were walking around to look for potential collaborations and seeking out potential competitive products in Tech In Asia 2018. It wasn’t a huge even like ISC or CES but it does provide a platform for startup and SME to interact and exchange ideas.

What attract me most are those talks given by people who have been there and make it happened. Some of the lesson learnt from those talks that I have been.

It’s not homicide but suicide that kills a startup – Eric Migicovsky

As long as there’s money in the bank, you have a chance (could be small) to make it big – Eric Migicovsky

If you are selling a lot at the bottom tier, your product is too good for your own good – Dr. Jochen Krauss

One area that could be improved is the checking in part. While a ticket in Apple Wallet has been given, this can’t be used as a proof of entry as it does not contained our personal information. On another note, we were required to wear this hand band for 2 days. There are better ways and I am even wondering if those security really saw our band as their eyes were not even looking at us….professional habit of mine to make this observation.

Well, looking forward to learn more from our panel of experts later.