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First Product

Everything starts with first, First KISS, First Avenger, etc. By the way, KISS here means Keep It Simply Simple, not the romantic kind that you might be thinking about. Our First KISS came across when developing solution for a theme park, they need something simple that alleviate their “pain” and within the budget.

Scope, Time, Cost….except for Cost, we were given Scope and Time and with other perimeters made flexible, we managed to deliver something for them. Wow! We have the skills and experience to deliver something that targets “pain” point of customer with things that are not complicated. On top of that, we study their process and how such affects them and made changes to suit more to their operation.

Coming back to Pseudoscops, we had something in mind. It came as a spike while we were discussing some other things. This spike grew and as we deliberate further, we saw possibilities of use case and having something that makes how things currently done, easier and economical. We decided to put this into action. While thinking of a name, Adrian just asked me if there’s another way of saying “I have done it!”. My answer then was “Zo Liao lor!”, the rest was history.

So Zo Liao is First Product of Pseudoscops and we will be debuting it soon. We are trying to work with our friend to bring this for live trial and see how’s this can be made relevant. Similar to Design Thinking approach and if this is going to fail, it should fail fast so that we can move on.

What’s Zo Liao? Stay tuned!