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Marketing Broadcast

If you are Consumer….

  1. Have you ever wonder if email address and mobile number you provided in exchange for promotion or marketing broadcast could be misused?
  2. Have you tried unsubscribing from a mailing list and find yourself getting news from other mailing list?
  3. Do you want hassle free way of just deleting channel that you have no more interest in receiving broadcast?

If you are Merchant….

  1. Would you want to reach out to your consumer without getting specific information, such as email address and mobile number from them?
  2. Reduce the chance of having specific information that points to a specific consumer if your information are being compromised?
  3. Having ability to send targeted marketing to consumers while not getting specific information from them?
  4. Having a single platform that enable Marketing, Giving our Voucher and Queue Management all on one?

See our SlideShare – Consumer’s PRIVACY comes FIRST to see what we have available for you.

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