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Zo Liao

So the product name is called “Zo Liao!”, in Mandarin, it’s 做了!However, the twist is that the proper pronounciation is in dialect!

What’s “Zo Liao” exactly and what it does? Well, we decided to keep most of it under wrap and revealing some to let you take a peek, maybe some leaks here.

  • This is an App with privacy of the owner in mind that enable fast & authenticated attendance taking.
  • For Information Provider, decide what you want to share on needs basis.
  • For Information Receiver, select what you need to collect and key information are being verified.
  • Biometric verification comes as an option, support multi-modal in specific application.
  • Possible application areas:-
    • Seminar or Exhibition
    • Access to Facilities
    • Memberships
    • Child Care
    • Inventory Control

We will be targeting exhibitions first of all to confirm the relevancy and improving features and functionality to enable those who are using it. You could most probably see us somewhere and people using Zo Liao in Q3/2018.