Pseudoscops incorporated on 25 April 2018 in Singapore. Our abilities in tackling complex problems and creating fit for purpose solution prompted us to start Pseudoscops.

Pseudoscops realised that the way to undertake a complex problem is not to add more complexity to it. Instead, we spend time with the customer to understand the real problem. After knowing their challenge, we strive to create a SIMPLE solution. We aim to solve complex problems by leveraging on technology, but not solely depends on that. It is an understanding of the customer’s processes and interaction with the human that we can make it BETTER.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create solutions that can be SEEN. The solution must be Simple and make Economic sense to the customer. It must be Effective on the task that it’s supposed to perform and Nimble enough to enable scaling to a larger scale when required.


Our Values

We want to create a team that values and are supportive of each other. While we can be critical on matters objectively, we care about one another. As an inclusive team, we want to reach over that TIPPING point together. We are creating a great company for our team and our customers. Values of Pseudoscops are self-explanatory.

Pseudoscops build upon Trusting each other and having Integrity to colleagues, customers and company. Customer will see our Promptness in delivering what they need. We explore various Possibilities in creating Innovative and Nimble solution for our customer. Finally, we believed in showing our Gratitude to our team and customer in making our journey possible for these will not be possible without either one.


Our Product Range

We have two main product categories, developed by Pseudoscops. They are UnitySuite and Narrator.

UnitySuite consists of applications that are focusing on retail operation, human resource, and security functions of running a business. The key aspect is making available access to different functions of business operations via a mobile device. Pseudoscops is enabling “Manage By Device”, letting business owner have an overview of their business anywhere, anytime.

Narrator is a facial recognition platform that is capable to give the performance required by security applications. It enables System Integrators to utilise the functions that we have developed and integrate that into their application. Besides the application, Pseudoscops can also provide consultancy on this aspect, leveraging on more than 10 years of experience that we had when working with different ministries in Singapore.

Our Team

Don’t let his look deceive you! Adrian has >10 years of experience in developing solutions for military, homeland security and commercial applications. He is creative in approaching technology while not putting too much complexity into the solution.

Interest: Chewing “Technology” as Tibits.

Sunny has more than >10 years of experience in Project Management and Solutioning, especially in Face Recognition, while being a fast learner in Business Development. He is best known to ensure customer’s needs are being met and a non-believer in “Forced Sales”.

Interest: Complete Marathons on Vacations.

“Retired” from studies in Software Engineering recently. While still fresh, I have the desire to explore and acquire new knowledge and gaining “know-how” to build my career. Hopeful and Confident about my future!

Interest: Smashing Shutter-cock!

Graduated with a degree in Computer Science and with several websites under my belt. I realised the Web Development is what I wanted to pursue as my career. I am living with “you only know yourself when you go beyond your limits”.

Interest: Doodling and Videography

Our Alumni

The Art of Simplicity is a Puzzle and the highest form of Complexity. I am a first year IT student from ITE College West and an avid fanatic of the Monster Hunter franchise. I love exploring the realms of Computer Network and “OS Forensic”.

Interest: Analysing work of Mozart, Beethoven. etc.

I am a student from ITE College West studying Infocomm Technology. I love to spend my time learning something new via an online course, equipping myself with something that is not taught in school.

Interest: Hacking like “Gandalf the White”

Our Customers

Our Partners